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Business Tarot Card Readings

Wishing you knew the best next step for growing your business? Having a hard time deciding on your marketing strategy? Struggling with your offer structure?

A Tarot card reading can reveal information and insight to these questions and more.

Choose between a 3-card spread for a specific question or a 9-card spread for an in-depth reading on your business.

4 Ways to Immediately Feel Empowered In Your Business

Building confidence and feeling empowered are the most important things you can do to truly BE and FEEL successful as a business owner.

This mini-course will show you how and you’ll have fun, too — all thanks to Meghan Trainor. She may be a pop singer, but Meghan has amazing insight into how to pop your business success!

You’ll discover:

💥 How to say “no” when you want to say “no”

💥 Why giving yourself permission can change everything

💥 How to feel comfortable promoting yourself

💥 How you may be unconsciously holding yourself back – and how to change it

This course is online so you can complete the four modules all at once or spread over time. Best of all, you’ll have tools to come back to whenever your motivation wanes or your confidence needs a boost.

1:1 Coaching

What will it take to get your business to the next level? If you just started, what will it take to get your business up and running and on track?

And what’s stopping you from doing it?

Each of us have our own blocks that stop us from taking action in our business. My coaching is customized to help you break through your specific blocks in two ways:

  • Put the foundations of your business into place and have them running smoothly, especially those things that are overwhelming or that intimidate you because you don’t know how to do them
  • Dive deep into your mindset, beliefs, and emotional triggers. Few things bring up our doubt and fears like starting a business. By addressing them directly, you can lay yours to rest and never be stopped by them again.

When it comes down to it, the only thing that stands in your way of success is not taking the right actions consistently. We’ll break through whatever barriers stop you from taking action, building momentum, and creating the business that you long for.

The first step is to have a call with me to talk options and make sure we’re a good fit. Let’s do it! 

Ready to start? Have questions? Interested in a coaching session package or service that you don’t see listed here? Let’s chat!