My husband and I are divorced. He’s technically my ex-husband.

When we separated, it was devastating. And it was the best thing that could have happened for me. I think of my divorce as a cosmic two-by-four to the head to wake me up.

The separation was a big eye-opener that I needed to make some changes. Because of it, I started my personal healing journey and I’ve been on it ever since. Now, I’m a different (much happier!) person.

Are you struggling with something big?

Are you struggling with something big in your business right now? Does it feel like you’re failing? Perhaps you had a $0 launch, or you had a bad employee experience, or a client pulled out.

You may be feeling discouraged and frustrated. Perhaps you’re beating yourself up or you’ve lost confidence.

I know it feels terrible. But just like my divorce, your struggle has the potential for good. It’ there to give you a message or put you on a new path. It’s pointing you to changes or decisions you need to make.

You’ve weathered every other challenge in your life, and you will this one, too. Remember that you will come out of the experience with more wisdom, knowledge, and self-awareness. Anticipate the good now.

John and I were separated for two years before we got back together. Last month, we celebrated 20 years of being back together. 🎉🎉🎉 We would not be as happy as we are had we not gone through the divorce.

What may seem like the worst thing that could happen could be just the catalyst you need to find your path to happiness – and business success.

I’m here if you would like a new perspective, a cheerleader, and an accountability partner to get through your current struggles faster.